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With an aim to provide an enhanced mobile experience to users,
Google is rolling out ‘rich cards’ for mobile searching,
which will display content in more engaging and visual format soon.

Here's all the details about Rich Cards:

What is Rich Card
Google is restricting rich cards for searches related to recipes and movies results.
example: with rich cards,
You can build a richer preview of your uploaded content  with a prominent image for each & every dish, if you have a recipe site. 
Rich cards for these two content categories, Recipe & Movies, will appear initially on mobile search results in English for

As soon it becomes popular,
Google is working to roll out rich cards for every section. 
Like, if you search a mobile device,
You'll get the results with a beautiful images from Review360 or other sites.

Why Rich Card
The rich card results are presented in a horizontally-moveable carousel, designed to be better suited to searching on mobile devices.
Google says that rich cards is build on companies rich snippets which also uses structure markup. The company states that rich cards will help publishers to stand out in Search results and attract more targeted users to their page.

The company is exploring ways to extend this feature to more publishers.

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