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POPTOX offers free calling for a limited time call duration and a limited number of calls, for unlimited calling you need to register a account. After registration add money to your account to enjoy unlimited calling.
Here're the full information for POPTOX:

What is POPTOX 
Make absolutely free calls to any mobile number/landline with POPTOX. No registration, No downloading, No payment required. POPTOX is much better than other free calling services, which offer free calling only when the other party has the same app installed while POPTOX offers free calling to any mobile, landline in any country, irrespective of whether other party is using the same service or not.


How to use POTOX

To make call through POPTOX,

You need to visit POPTOX Website.

[You can use this service on Android & PC both. For better Experiance Google Chrome and Opera browser only.]

* Wait till page loads fully.

* You will see a Mobile Phone along with number keys.

* Select country code and enter the number using dial pad.

* Click on “Call” button.

* You will be prompted to allow PopTox to access your mic. Click on “Allow” to connect your call. Make sure you do not “Deny” mic permission.

* Now your call will be connected.!

While we tried POPTOX, we found the simple & easy to use,

We also made call & we're not 100% satisfied with the call quality even in fastest WiFi speed, still it's good to use & it's worth trying.


Enjoy free calling and share your experience with us via comments.

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  1. What exactly is free about this site, when every way I turn, I'm being asked for money.

  2. is it really free? I do not understand how it says absolutely no payment is required, but it has a drop box with call rates? if it is free with absolutely no payment required, why does it have these call rates for countries? I have not tried this service, but I am very suspicious, and will wait until I read more favourable reviews.