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° Date: 12/04/2018
"Always think hundred times before betting a big amount on Betrally & Betrallyindia & they won't let you withdraw small amount :|" - 

Siddharth Soni
Hellllo! Guys!
We welcomes you on the latest Review of the Year!!

The reason why I'm entitling this as Review of the year is because the season of IPL is here, and everyone likes IPL <3
& most of peoples believe they've a next level knowledge of IPL and they like to bet on IPL with their skills...

Hence its ILLEGAL to BET In India but some sites Like Dream11 Are legal and some sites like | | | | | BetWay are also legal as there's no law on online betting still, the source of these sites are not from India, so basically its illegal, but in lack of strict and perfect law, we can play it without any fear, at this point of time, not sure about future !!

We, from always experience the service personally from Siddharth Soni & Dipak Soni before writing a Review,
This is my personal and EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE of | Review

So here we starts!!
First of all, check out the image on the end of this article! Register:
Its easy to register on
They ask for simple details and gives you a automated password, which you can change later! verification
You can upload your IDs like AADHAR card, Pan Card and Election card,
Which is IMPORTANT when you're WITHDRAWING MONEY from Betrally !
They won't say this in the beginning, so make sure your all IDS are verified before you DEPOSIT on Betrally! Deposit india
The best thing (or worst??) Is its easy deposit!!
They supported IMPS, which means you can transfer money to Betrallyindia from your net baking (you'll end up loosing them) Withdraw
So, now if you've won a small amount from BetrallyIndia, then they'll transfer it to your bank account within a week (I withdrawn 1000₹ INR)

BetrallyIndia Features
Betrally is very good in odds updating and covering live matches, and have a large variety of sports and casino!

BetrallyIndia Casino vs Sports
Keep in mind that you've to deposit differently in both the wallets,
You can't use your funds of sports in casino and vice versa!

BetrallyIndia problems & cheats
Now, coming to the point, why not to choose betrallyindia !!
I Deposited 2.5K in Betrally just to experience how Betrally works ( in India )
First 1000 INR, and I won some bets and made it 1200 INR, (later withdrawn)
Then I added 1500₹ again, to experience more,
I did a bet on Mona Barthel in Tennis in "Set 2 Game 10 Point 2 Winner" on date 11/04/2018
And she won in that set, hence I did a bet of 1500 INR at an odd of 2.10,
So I must be WIN 3150₹ INR!
but suddenly after the win, Betrally Canceled the bet!!
Without my permission (as it was conformed Bet) & without any reason!!
Just because I won a big amount?
This was pathetic experience!!
I even mailed them 4-5 times, had long chats with their online support with different executives, KAYA, MELISSA etc
But got no solution of this!
And as they don't work from India, they don't have Indian Call help service !

So always think hundred times before betting a big amount on Betrally & Betrallyindia & they won't let you withdraw small amount :|

& if any official person is reading this,
Mail me anytime at

And dear readers:
I'm always available here,
If you have any questions or you want to raise your hands against any cheaters,
Click on links below to contact me :)

Siddharth Soni




  1. I placed a bet on betrally and they're really cheaters you know, when j trued to transfer my winning amount, they shown their real face !!

    Never trust betrally

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