Zomato Review

Hello, I'm Siddharth Soni from Ahmedabad, and here's my ZOMATO review for this month!

Actually I understand, one can not write a review after just one incident or experience, but when it happens twice and a brand like ZOMATO doesn't take any action nor at least RESPOND, is quiet unusual for me, that was frustrating for me!

Also let me tell you,

I'm not a NEWBIE on ZOMATO!

I ordered some other food from the same store on ZOMATO 2 weeks back and that was fine and I couldn't stopped my self rating it, yes, I love sharing my views that's why I'm writing this one too!!

I've ordered for at least 30+ times, and I the ratio of my unhappy experience is once in 10, which is great, but at least most of times ZOMATO helped me, No, I didn't got any cash back or REFUND, but they at least helped me talking with restaurant or they self talked to me!

So, here's my incident I faced on 17th may!

I wanted to eat a DOSA! Globbaly we get SAMBHAR with DOSA, right?

But what I got with my dosa on 17th may was imli chutney, or a VERY VERY INEDIBLE SOUR Sambhar! 

Again let me clear, I did not needed a refund, nor anythjng else, all I wanted is, at least they (BALAJI FOOD) apologies & of possible, then change the Sambhar!


  1.  they didn't called me
  2. Nor ZOMATO chat person connected me
  3. Also not the Twitter handle responded

Which was surprisingly hurted me!


Take a close look,

Even the Zomato executive told me, if they won't connect with you in 20 minutes, let me tell for the next steps, but No, zomato was careless!

Here are my CHAT Screenshots:

What is more surprising?

They @ZomatoIN ain't responded to my tweet!

What I expected was:

• at least I deserve an apologies from restaurant 

• Dosa is always served with sambhar globally

• so if they don't serve sambhar, they should have mentioned it on ZOMATO

Well, this was really frustrating & my last order on ZOMATO, unfortunately!

And when th rating ratio is 60% + bad for a restaurant (like in above picture, 6+ peoples rated it below 3) 

I think ZOMATO should wether remove the restaurant or take some actions to improve the quality!


What's your experiences with zomato, do share with me in comment section :)