ASUS VivoBook S - #BeyondTheEdge Entry

Hello ASUS India & Disha Patani Ma'am,
Here's my entry #2 for #BeyondTheEdge contest

Everyone has dreams, passions, hobbies, but not everyone works hard for it & sometimes, the lack of things makes us feel helpless, but where there's a way, there's a will!
& Actually I'm thankful to GOD that They gives us chance time to time to prove our selves!
I also can not forget to thank ASUS India & you, Disha Patani ma'am, that you're giving me or every dreamer a chance to win the ASUS VivoBook S series laptop!

If writing Poems is my passion, then Technology is my hobby, my life, I or we all, can not think of a single day in our today's life without technology!
I recently started writing Poems as my passion, but won many competitions in my school for the same, but I never thought, that it will be my passion one day , but I actually did something for my technology love , yes, the blog you're reading, 
 that's the reason I say: 'if I'll win the ASUS VivoBook S Series Laptop, it will fulfill my dreams at the same time, 1st) starting my POEM YouTube channel & 2nd)  taking my Tech blog-vlpg to next level!

For my Review360 Blog, I've to write all the time,
Currently I'm using a mobile app to write my new articles, it's not a big deal  for me, I  can at least do that for my passion, but to add some extra features, like changing fonts, adding multiple photos and specially VIDEO, like I've added in this article, I've to go to the official site and it takes almost a HARD TIME to go through the perfect place to ADD it & the worst part is, it crashes the whole Mobile system! 
So getting a laptop, and that too ASUS VivoBook S Series Laptop with the NanoEdge Bezels & 80% screen to body ratio will give a perfect viewing angle along with the powerful Processor will make my work more FAST and conveniently!

Again, as i Said, i need to carry my laptop all the time in travelling, but the Low Battery is not just a major issue or problem but it kills the Creativity because i can't write or save anything at the moment i think, but thanks to the ASUS, i mean this is revolutionary step in laptops, 60% battery charging in just 49 minutes will definitely help me to go beyond my expectations and will help me achieving my dreams more better and faster!

I'll be more than HAPPY to win the ASUS VivoBook S which will help me SECURING my all creativity, No need to worry about them anymore because my all the poems and stories are SAFE with the world class security in laptop, with finger print sensor in ASUS VivoBook S!

Talent can't be hidden, I know, but I think it appears more beautiful when we present it better, and I believe, with ASUS VivoBook S Series Laptop, my performance will be reach next level!

Here's my 
VLOG Entry

Following all the terms and conditions :)

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