BOYA BY M1 Lapel Mic Review

Heyya! Guys!
I'm Siddharth from and today, I'm gonna show your my recent purchase for my Vlog need, I was in Search for the best Mic, best + in my budget, which was nearly 2000 Bucks, hence as the Boya is well known brand and as per some reviews and Ratings on Amazon, I also decided to buy BOYA BY M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier mic, and Keep in mind, I'm using a smartphone, MOTO X4, so my review might be somewhat different than others, but at least genuine, so get ready to know the truth!

In package: 
In box
(1) Boya Mic
(2) A soft Cape for On Mic
(3) 1 Jack
(4) A Pouch to carry all the things
(5) Cell for the Mic

In depth:

So this is what we get, A mic with 9 Holes & a Clip to set it..

And it looks better with the Soft Cap..

The Huge 20 Ft wire, which is so hard to carry sometimes, but useful sometimes, it depends on your needs, however, I found it somewhat problematic as 20 Ft is more than longer for me!

Here is the Battery department, it also can be set in clothes as it has a clip..

With a 3.5mm jack, Boya also provides a Bigger Jack for external needs..

I suggest you to watch my video below for the better understanding and live example of Voice, quality & difference between Boya Mic vs the Smartphone inbuilt mic, but as for an article, here's my Review360:
There are some Brands which we, YouTubers like for our channel, the first name comes to my mind for this is, RĂ˜DE, it's Internationally well-known brand and they have a huge collection for all camera mic needs but, but unfortunately they've a limited number of products for Indian customer and that too is so Expensive!
when it comes for India, we've a brand BOYA, which gives a good quality over generic mics and is at least somewhere in budget of beginners..
As per my use of BOYA mic on MOTO X4,
I found BOYA a bit disappointing Mic I'm performance, it's not the perfect as every one says, at least most of YouTubers says!
I received it just today, so there are no Battery issue, bit still the Voice is not crisp, and also the Noise cancellation is not working with Boya BY M1, I tried recording in my room, where there was no noice, beside of fan, but the mic couldn't even cancel the Noise of fan, I was expecting some more better as per the price I paid, around 1200 INR, there's just 30-40% improvement in voice while using Boya BY M1 with Smartphone..
I even tried it with 2 more Devices, YU & Lenovo, but the result was bit disappointing for me in all the 3 Smartphones, may be this will work at it's best with DSLR, but I bought it for my Smartphone and i'm reviewing it as per my experience...
For better understanding,
I've added a video of BOYA BY M1 Unboxing and  Also you can watch a comparison video of my Moto X4 In phone mic while recording video vs BOYA BY M1 for Smartphone here!