About us

First of all,
a big Thank You! For Visit Review360.in

We quite Intresting,
That you're interested to know about us!

I'm Siddharth Soni, from Gujarat!

& I love to review gadgets!
As I'm a big gadget lover!
I have used more then 80 phone till date!
Offcaurse, not all of them are my own,
But still I have owned most of all Operating systems,
Like Symbian in My first phone Nokia 2600,
Android in my Xolo, Samsung & Dell,
Windows in Nokia 1350
Right now,
I'm using iOS in my iPhone 4s!

& I also owned iphone 6 plus for a month,
But it was a huge one to carry!
Turned back to my first iphone 😆

I'm happy that you read about me,
Now let's talk about my friend & my partner in Review360.in

Dipak is also from Gujarat!
He also love devices same as I!

But he's bit higher in knowledge of android!
I jealous a little for this,
& also proud 😋 for getting him as a partner!

I review smartphones,
& he postmortem them!

He also used most of all operating systems!
Currently he's using Samsung s6,
& HTC M9 is his favourite one!

We both are trying to give the Genuine & original Reviews,
So we started Review360.in

& once again,
Thank you so much for your time & your visit on Review360.in