How we review

It's nice that you're intrested to know,
That how we review?

Some time,
We buy a new device,
& some times we get from the respected Brands for reviews!

& it's nice,
That international brands trusts us,
It's awesome that people read reviews here,
& decide to buy their new mobiles/tablets.

I siddharth Soni & Deepak,
Unbox the device first,
It's necessory 😋

After that I use it for 2-3 days,
And take photos & write review,
then it's turn for Deepak!
He checks software bugs & other issues!

After that,
We match our review & write on

We're also working for video reviews of devices,
Like unboxing, gaming reviews, camera review & full review on youtube!

The review is ready!

Thanks again,
for visiting